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Jay Alexander Magician & Mentalist

Magician, Corporate, Entertainment, Jay Alexander

Are you looking for entertainment on South Padre Island?


Magician and mentalist Jay Alexander

will make your next event  one to remember!


From corporate sales meetings to gala dinner events. Magician and mentalist, Jay Alexander has performed his unique style of entertainment for top corporate and society events all over the Rio Grande Valley a well as the world.


When corporate leaders, such as Steve Wozniak or Charles Schwab, and celebrities like John Cleese and the Rolling Stones need unique entertainment, they call one individual---Master Magician Jay Alexander. And they call year after year.             or (415) 883-7878

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Strolling Magic South Padre Island

Seattle Magician Mentalist Corporate Entertainment

Magic Shows South Padre Island

Call (415) 883-7878

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South Padre Island, Magician and Mentalist will make your next event memorable.


Email us at or call (415) 883-7878 


Brownsville - McAllen - Port Isabel - Matamoros - Cameron County - Texas


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