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Magical Give-aways

Remember This
(Audio Course)

Jay Alexander's audio course that teaches how to remember names, lists and information.

$15 each (call for bulk discounts)

Tricky Business, The Executive Magic DVD

Using everyday objects, Tricky Business teaches 22 easy-to-perform magic tricks guaranteed to amaze friends and clients! Executives, sales-people and all business professionals will find that a little magic will add fun to meetings and enhance presentations.



Two Card Monte

In this version of the famous street game, three cards are fanned and shown face up. The spectator is asked to remember the middle card. The cards are turned face down and the spectator is asked to select the middle card. To his amazement the card magically changes into a customized card with your logo on it.

Mind-Reading Dice

This is an amazing mind-reading effect which is easy to learn and perform. A die is handed to a spectator along with two canisters. While the magician’s back is turned, the spectator selects a number on the die and seals it inside the smaller of the two canisters. This canister is then sealed inside the larger one, the magician is still able to reveal the number the spectator selected.


Mystery Block

A penny is covered by the block, instantly changing into a dime, all with the power of your logo! The mystery block is a simple, effective and eye-popping trick. Your logo or information can be screened on the back of this product. Great for showing how your company can increase profits, make money, etc.



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