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A guaranteed standing ovation !

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Elevate Your Meeting Break with Magical Bingo!


Looking to add a touch of magic to your corporate retreat or sales meeting? Jay Alexander's Magical Bingo offers a unique and entertaining way to quickly connect with your audience and bring laughter to the room.


Here's how you can achieve a standing ovation in three simple steps:


1. Provide each attendee with a custom branded bingo card.

2. Play a traditional game of Bingo, but instead of shouting "Bingo," the winner stands up and proudly announces your company name.

3. Experience the thrill of everyone, despite having different cards, standing and cheering your company's name simultaneously—picture 300, 500, or 1000 attendees united in celebration.


Magic Bingo serves as a fantastic energizer during lengthy sales meetings and doesn't necessarily have to coincide with the Jay Alexander show. It can be easily taught and presented by your executive team.


For more details on Magic Bingo or to explore other innovative Sales Meeting Break Ideas, please contact us at:


📞 415-305-6893


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