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Denver Corporate Magician & Mentalist

San Francisco Corporate Entertainment

Denver's #1 Magician and Mentalist turns

ordinary parties into extraordinary events!


From corporate sales meetings to gala dinner events.  Seattle magician and mentalist, Jay Alexander has performed his unique style of entertainment for Denver’s most prominent events.


When corporate leaders, such as Charles Schwab, and celebrities like John Cleese and the Rolling Stones need unique entertainment, they call one individual---Master Magician Jay Alexander. And they call year after year for new shows.


Why is Jay so entertaining? To start, it's in his blood, Jay is the great grandson of the legendary vaudeville performer, Gentleman Ben Darwin. Jay combines magic, psychology, comedy and a bit of the old flimflam to entertain audiences in such a way that they will be talking about it for years to come.



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Denver Mentalist will make your next event memorable.


Email us at or call (415) 883-7878 


Proud to serve the entire area of  Denver, Colorado.

Boulder, Colorado Springs, Estes Park.


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