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The Locked Box Mystery can be customized

to your company, product or event theme.

Below is a sampling of what we created for a Regis Hair Care Conference in Los Angeles.

A locked box hangs in full view over the stage. Five balls are thrown into the audience to randomly
select five volunteers. The five members of the audience each answer one of the following questions:



Person 1: Favorite hair care product?

I.e.: Regis DESIGNLINE, Pureology, Redken, Paul Mitchell, Biolage, Sebastian.


Person 2: Name of favorite actor or actress?

(Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Pamela Anderson, etc.)


Person 3: Name a Regis Salon Expert?

(Terry Varty, Lashun Kenney, Russell Brown, etc.)

Person 4: Name of a celebrity hairdo?
Mr. T, The Trump, The Pee Wee Herman, The Fat Elvis, the Bieber, the Jennifer Aniston The Farrah
Fawcett also known as the Russell Brand, The Sinéad O’Connor also known as Howie Mandell.

Person 5: Name a tourist destination in Los Angeles?
(Universal Studios, Disneyland, Sunset Boulevard, Venice Beach)

All selections are made freely. The locked chest is lowered and un-locked, inside is a plastic bank tube.
The lid is unscrewed and an audience member removes a sealed #10 envelope. He opens it and reads
the prediction. It is a funny customized story that predicts all the choices of the audience to 100% accuracy!


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