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San Francisco, Magician,

If you are looking for entertainment for your

Dreamforce 2016 Press Off-site

that is unique, memorable and fun...

Jay Alexander is the perfect choice!

Engage your Audience

Taking audiences on a non-stop journey of laughter and amazement is the hallmark of Jay’s shows.  With over 25 years of corporate and society experience, his unique blend of comedy, mentalism, human lie detection and memory stunts contribute to repeated bookings from clients.  And his client list ranges from celebrities like the Rolling Stones, U2, Danielle Steele and the Robin Williams family to Fortune 100 companies like Apple, Google, Bank of America, HP, Microsoft and Wells Fargo.


Event Planners Love Jay Alexander

Standing Ovations! Jay always gets them. And there’s nothing more like music to the ears of an Event Planner than to know that an audience was captivated by a unique, memorable and fun show by a consummate professional.  On the business side of event entertainment, Event Planners feel confident in booking Jay because he is easy to work with, he understands the social graces of corporate culture, and he provides fine attention to detail. 

San Francsico Magician Jay Alexander


Best Magician in San Francisco Jay Alexander


Corporate Magician Jay Alexander


Close-up Magic/Mentalism

The best way to break the ice and get your guests laughing, smiling and having fun! Sophisticated close-up magic/mentalism takes place right in the guests' hands, and gets them excited to be a part of the entire event. Your guests will love the one-on-one experience and the extra time they get to spend with Jay, as he dazzles them with charm and grace.

Customized Entertainment

Audiences love entertainment that is personalized. It feels fresh, fun and special because it's not the same every time. Every Mind Tricks show is customized here is one way we customize the show. Before your program we will have a conversation about your needs, wants and desires to make the event memorable. We will then create something that reaches your goals.

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